Committed To Building Wealth, Preserving Legacy, and Inspiring Generations.

Bridges Trust offers wealth management services centered around a commitment to Building Wealth, Preserving Legacy, and Inspiring Generations. With a focus on personalized strategies built to suit the unique needs of each client, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping families build a lasting legacy. Through our approach and commitment to excellence, Bridges Trust provides the guidance, support, and knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of wealth management with confidence and clarity.

The Bridges Trust Services

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of Bridges Trust’s operations: Trust, Service, Excellence, Diligence, Relationships, Development, and Performance. These values guide our business and are fundamental to our commitment to our clients.


We communicate clearly which allows us to develop deep and enduring relationships.


Client-first culture focused on delivering exceptional service.


We are relentlessly focused on excellence in what we do.


We strive to deliver exceptional performance in all facets of our business.


Building relationships supports client retention and builds a reputation of trust within the community.


We care and are meticulous in our efforts to provide personalized experiences for our clients.


We have a focus on impact and excellence which inspires a growth mindset, innovation and an opportunistic bias to action.

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Trust For Generations

Our private ownership and singular focus make us unique. We are not affiliated with any investment bank, brokerage firm or insurance company. Our focus is simple — to provide specialized, comprehensive wealth advisory services that are in the best interest of our clients and that meet their individual needs.

We are proud of our firm’s story. It is a story of trust, service and integrity. Above all, it is a story of trust. Trust has been an integral aspect of who we are and is the foundation upon which we will write the next chapter. Our clients depend on us to put their interests first as we manage their portfolios, deliver straightforward advice, share and listen to their concerns, and give them confidence that their money — and their family’s future — is in capable hands. Today, tomorrow and for generations to come.