Bridges Trust Online Disclosure

Bridges Trust Online (“BTO”) is a website made available to Clients and authorized parties (collectively referenced as “User”) of Bridges Trust Company (BTC), Bridges Trust Company of South Dakota (BTC-SD), Bridges Investment Management, Inc. (BIM), and affiliates (collectively referenced as “Bridges Trust”) and provides a means of viewing account documents and other information related to Client account(s).

Bridges Trust Online is a website published in the United States for residents of the United States and provided for informational purposes only. Information provided via the website is not a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell any security. Bridges Trust does not render or offer to render personal investment advice or financial planning advice through the website. Additionally, the website shall not be construed or relied upon for tax or legal advice and is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction in which we are not authorized to do business.

By Opting In to receive Bridges Trust Online access, User elects to receive online access to their Bridges Trust accounts through Bridges Trust Online. Upon opting-in, User will be assigned a unique access identification code (“Access ID”) and Password. The User agrees to keep the assigned Access ID and Password confidential. User understands that they may not share the assigned Access ID or Password with any other person or access Bridges Trust Online using any other unauthorized Access ID and Password. User understands and acknowledges that User, not Bridges Trust, is responsible for any unauthorized use or disclosure of the assigned Access ID and Password, for any unauthorized access to Bridges Trust Online, and for any harm resulting therefrom.

User agrees to the terms and conditions, terms of use, and data use statement of the Bridges Trust Online system, which are subject to change from time to time, and User acknowledges acceptance of the same by continued usage of the Bridges Trust Online system. 

User understands that Bridges Trust Online provides a means of viewing account information electronically and that all account information reflected is a work-in-progress. User understands and acknowledges that Bridges does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information obtained from Bridges Trust Online and that recent transactions may not be reflected at the time of access due to processing or system issues beyond Bridges Trust’s control. Further, User understands that posted transactions may be adjusted from time to time, or removed in their entirety, as necessary. User expressly releases Bridges Trust from any responsibility for the accuracy of, or reliance on, the information obtained from Bridges Trust Online.

User consents to the delivery of account statements and other documents in electronic form and acknowledges the option to receive periodic statements of Bridges Trust account holdings and activity electronically through Bridges Trust Online. Electronic statements will be delivered in a PDF format for printing or for saving to a computer hard drive or other electronic storage device. 

Bridges Trust will send an e-mail notification to User’s e-mail address of record indicating that electronic statements and other documents are available to be accessed through Bridges Trust Online. User understands that account documents will only be available in Bridges Trust Online for at least 90 calendar days from the date the e- mail notification is sent. User consents to receive such notifications, further agrees to provide Bridges Trust with an accurate e-mail address for delivery of such notifications and to promptly notify Bridges Trust of any change in e-mail address or internet access that might affect the delivery of electronic statements and other notifications.

User understands that they may change their election and that their agreement to receive electronic statements shall remain in effect until termination or written notice to change User’s election from electronic to paper statements is received by Bridges Trust at PO Box 542021 Omaha NE 68154.

Security prices, cost basis and Information contained throughout the website is obtained from sources believed reliable, but we do not warrant or guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information provided. Quoted prices may differ from actual prices realized due to market fluctuations, availability, and conditions beyond our control. 

Statements and tax documents issued by the trust company or brokerage that custodies your assets represent the official documentation to rely upon for tax reporting and other purposes.

Indices are unmanaged, exclude costs and expenses, cannot be invested in directly, and do not incur management fees that would lower actual performance results if included.

Performance returns are net of investment management fees and include dividends and other earnings unless indicated otherwise. 

Supervised assets are assets managed by the firm. Unsupervised assets are assets held or reflected in your account but not managed by the firm. 

Cost basis information is obtained from the trust company or brokerage holding your assets and reflects the cost basis method established for your account at that firm.

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Bridges Trust and logo reference independent services offered by Bridges Trust Company (BTC), Bridges Trust Company of South Dakota (BTC-SD) and Bridges Investment Management Inc. (BIM). BTC, BTC-SD, and BIM are under common control and ownership by Bridges Holding Company (BHC). BHC is principally owned by MGI Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of McCarthy Group, LLC, as well as certain management officers of BIM. 

Trust services are provided by BTC and BTC–SD. Additional disclosure information about BTC and BTC-SD is available by visiting BTC, BTC-SD and certain individual clients of BIM directly utilize the investment management services provided by BIM. Additional disclosure information about BIM and its advisors is available by visiting and
Investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of one’s investment.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Important Safety Tips
Do not share your Access ID and Password with anyone, and don’t write it down. If you share your password, you assume responsibility for their actions and your information could be compromised.

Be certain to log into your account from a secure connection and avoid accessing your account from public or unsecure computers or networks.

Create secure passwords using a combination of words, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using common and easily guessed passwords such your pets name, words from the dictionary, and simple number sequences such as “11111” or “12345678.”

Protect your computer by using anti-virus/anti-spyware, install a firewall to protect your network, and make certain to keep your software up to date.