Long-Term Relationships Lead to Long-Term Planning to Help Achieve Your Goals.

Our Commitment to You and Your Family.

At Bridges Trust, we go beyond traditional investment. Your trust in us is reciprocated with a steadfast commitment to preserving your family’s future across generations. When you invest with us, it’s not just about returns but also about working to creating lasting legacies.

Decades of Experience.

Bridges Investment Management’s wealth management team leverages decades of collective experience to build investment portfolios customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. The firm manages wealth for a wide range of client relationships that span multiple generations.

Our Diverse Range of Investment Services:

Chief Investment Officer Services

Bridges provides Chief Investment Officer Services through active capital markets, asset allocation and ongoing portfolio management activities designed to effectuate client specific investment goals.

Investment Policy Development

Bridges collaborates with clients to establish investment objectives articulated in investment policy statements that provide the roadmap for asset allocation and portfolio management.

Portfolio Management

Bridges provides ongoing active portfolio management designed to achieve client specific investment objectives. Bridges seeks to manage portfolios effectively (through absolute and relative return objectives) and efficiently (through appropriate risk control and tax mitigation strategies).

Private Equity & Alternatives

Bridges supports alternative and illiquid investments through direct investment and through a fund of funds vehicle.

To learn more about the services provided by Bridges Investment Management,
view our Client Relationship Summary.

A Relationship Built on Trust.

A philosophy of relationships underscores our investment approach. Bridges partners with its clients throughout the relationship. We believe client relationships are marked by clear communication, transparency, collaboration and ultimately a high level of trust. A relationship with Bridges Trust, enables you to work with an experienced team committed to helping you plan and invest for a brighter future for generations to come.

About Bridges Investment Management

Investment management is inherently a forward looking process. We create, design and build portfolio strategies for the unique needs of our clients. By working to understand your investment expectations, we develop and implement a customized wealth management strategy across multiple asset classes, based on your objectives and tolerance for risk. Bridges designs investment strategies in fixed income, public equities and alternative asset classes including private equity, private credit and private real estate when appropriate. We look forward to partnering with you.

Discover Our Core Principles

Bridges Investment Management: A Legacy of Experience & Innovation.

With a legacy that spans decades, the Firm continues to develop and enhance its ability to design and implement investment strategies that meet the unique needs of our clients within the context of an ever-evolving capital markets landscape. The Firm’s mission is to partner with clients across generations to deliver services that meet diverse investment objectives.

Bridges believes that a relentless focus on investment philosophy and process, patience, and a willingness to invest capital across a decades long investment horizon is a competitive advantage that we leverage within the relationships we enjoy with our clients. 

From Marvin W. Bridges’ pioneering vision in 1945, Bridges has experienced significant growth, driven by its ongoing investment in people, investment management and corporate trust services to meet the needs of its clients. The Firm’s  journey has been marked by a commitment to place the interests of our clients’ first and foremost. We’ve evolved from Nebraska’s first registered investment advisor into a holistic wealth management firm that serves a broad range of clients across multiple geographies and generations.

Your Wealth, Our Responsibility

Our Distinctive Edge Includes:

  • Bridges Trust brings to bear depth, skill, experience and judgment as it invests client capital.
  • Bridges supports a wide range of internal and external investment strategies.
  • Bridges’ has a built to suit ethos that drives creative strategies based on the unique client objectives. 
  • Bridges’ has a business owner mindset; forward looking, growth oriented, opportunistic and risk aware.
  • Bridges Trust is large enough to have institutional caliber capabilities while remaining small enough to be relational, flexible and accessible. 

Envision. Invest. Evolve.

Are you looking to establish a plan for your legacy? Connect with Bridges Investment Management today.