Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund is a charitable investment account that serves as an easy, tax-efficient way to support nonprofit charitable organizations. You can make contributions of various assets into a donor advised fund, managed by Bridges Trust, receive a tax deduction for your gift, and when you’re ready, recommend grants to charitable organizations that are important to you. Donor advised funds are one of the fastest growing charitable tools in the country.

The ease and flexibility of a donor advised fund makes it an ideal solution for many philanthropic Bridges Trust clients.


Make an initial contribution to the donor advised fund. If your donation qualifies, you will receive a tax deduction upon receipt of the asset into the established donor advised fund.


The Bridges Trust Team will work with you to develop and apply a prudent strategy for your donor advised fund assets to help you meet your philanthropic goals.


You are welcome to recommend grants at any time through an online platform, or contact Bridges Trust directly for personalized service.