Investment Management

You invest with us. We invest in your family’s future with multigenerational wealth planning.

Through our investment adviser affiliate, Bridges Investment Management, our wealth management team of professionals apply decades of investment experience to develop long-term investment strategies specific to your goals. Bridges Investment Management team will work to create asset allocation plans specific to each generation, including but not limited to seniors, the youngest family members, future generations, and endowments.

Bridges Investment Management’s services include:

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  • Chief Investment Officer Services

    Bridges Investment Management manages portfolio performance by monitoring investment activity, maintaining good investor relations, developing long- and short-term goals and other services.

  • Investment Policy Development

    Bridges Investment Management works with clients to create a plan that outlines their investment strategy, including their philosophy, guidelines and constraints.

  • Portfolio Management

    Bridges Investment Management strives to make informed investment decisions by aligning activity to match objectives and balance risk against performance.

  • Private Equity/Alternatives

    Bridges Investment Management conducts transaction support work and evaluate private equity deals with traditional and nontraditional investment instruments.

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