The Demand Deposit Marketplace® Program List of Participating Institutions

Under the Demand Deposit Marketplace Program, customer funds are placed into deposit accounts at FDIC-insured participating banks or other institutions. Bridges facilitates the placement of deposits at participating institutions under the Program through thefollowing Intermediary Banks:

Intermediary BanksCityStateFDIC #
American National BankOmahaNebraska19300
Bell BankFargoNorth Dakota19581
Dundee BankOmahaNebraska10643
First State Bank of NebraskaLincolnNebraska13868
Frontier BankOmahaNebraska15545
Platte Valley BankScottsbluffNebraska34211

For a current list of participating institutions within the Program, please contact your Bridges Relationship Manager or click the Current List of Participating Institutions link below.

Click: Current List of Participating Institutions

The Demand Deposit Marketplace Program – Summary

The Demand Deposit Marketplace Program (“Program”) is offered by Bridges Trust Company and or Bridges Trust Companyof South Dakota (collectively, “Bridges”) to its customers as an option to place their uninvested cash balances intoinsured accounts at FDIC member banks. Bridges has entered an arrangement with each of the Intermediary Banks toauthorize those Banks to act as its agent on behalf of Bridges’ customers with respect to the Program, including placingcustomers’ cash balances into the Program.

Stable Custody Group II LLC (“Stable”) provides recordkeeping and administrative services to Bridges and theIntermediary Banks with respect to the Program, including to allocate Program deposits to the participating institutions. Stable delegates certain administrative duties to its affiliate, Reich & Tang Deposit Solutions, LLC.

Please note that the Program is NOT, itself, an FDIC-insured product. Rather, under the Program, customer funds areswept to and from Deposit Accounts at participating banks or institutions (unaffiliated with Bridges) that are insured bythe FDIC up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount (currently

$250,000 for each FDIC-recognized category of account ownership), for multiple levels of fiduciary relationships. FDIC insurance coverage is only available to protect a customer against the failure of a participating FDIC-insured institution that holds the customer’s funds (and not to protect against the failure of any other party).

Funds are deposited through the Program into Deposit Accounts at multiple Intermediary and Receiving Banks in a mannerdesigned to remain within the FDIC insurance limit at each Receiving Bank, which in the aggregate increases theamount of FDIC protection available. The amount of Program Deposits covered under FDIC protection will depend upon the deposit limits imposed by the FDIC, funds held temporarily at the Intermediary Banks, the number of Receiving Banksin the Program, and the number of Receiving Banks excluded from holding Program Deposits.

The aggregate level of FDIC insurance may change from time to time based, generally, on the number of ReceivingBanks and or limitations imposed by the Program which imposes an aggregate limit of up to $100,000,000 forJoint Accounts and $50,000,000 for other accounts owned in the same legal ownership category, respectively.However, the total amount of FDIC protection is subject to change from time to time so please contact Bridges to identify the current limits at any given time.

Please review The Demand Deposit Marketplace Program Terms and Conditions provided to you previously for a complete summary of the Program or you can contact your Bridges Relationship Manager at 402.393.8300 to request a copy and answers to any questions you may have.